Cool Toys pics of the day: Twitalyzer



Metrics are a good thing, usually. I liked this benchmark view as a
way to select folks to learn from. I also like checking it fairly
regularly to see what changes and then go look at the streams to see
if I can figure out what happened there to cause a change.

For example, when I snapped this screenshot, NASA was top of the list,
and today they don’t even make the top ten. What happened? Well, in
one day, NASA had two live broadcasts of signficance – the SDO that I
blogged about here, and the live spacewalk. Very cool stuff, then it
was over. Lesson? Even if you are doing great dependable work, it may
need excitement to bring you up to the top, and then it may be hard to
stay there.

The whole point of this tool is to check and see how you are doing or
how your brand is doing. I succumbed to the temptation to see how I
ranked. Basically, it said I am a real person more than a marketer or
brand. 😉 I have 100% Engagement, 44% generosity, and score under 10
for all the rest. That’s fine for me, because I really AM a person and
what I want in Twitter is the conversations and the learning from
others. Is that something that works for you or your brand?

“Twitalyzer is the market leading social media analytics application
focusing on short-messaging media. Here are five reasons that Social
Media Experts around the world are using Twitalyzer!
– Easy to Read
– Interactive Graphs
– Rich Visualizations
– Integrated Analytics
– Totally FREE”


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