Cool Toys pics of the day: Twica



“Twica is a desktop application that lets you make notes on a lecture
via Twitter AND browse everybody else’s notes to save the ones you
like as a PDF to your desktop…. Twica was built for the students of
Westminster University under the Twoler project by Barbara Somlai.”

What can I possibly add to THAT? I have so many questions about how
they are doing this. What a wonderful dream. Now, there are other
education Twitter-type backchannel tools, which I’ve blogged here
before. The more the merrier, until it becomes a standard part of the

I was part of a conversation yesterday in which a woman talked about a
man (either her husband or the husband of someone she knows) who is a
researcher in multitasking and bans all technology and devices from
his classrooms. I have been in classrooms like that. Grew up in them,
actually. I found myself stressed, edgy, fidgety, bored, distracted. I
am not an auditory learner, and to learn I have to somehow engage my
hands or body. I need to do something extra to integrate the
information. Back channel, yes, it can be distracting. It can also
serve to reinforce learning or to provide repetition, and cognitive
encoding. I guess it is a case of different strokes for different
folks, and accepting learning differences and exploring how to work
with them.


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