Cool Toys pics of the day: Pearltrees



“Pearltrees lets you organize the web your way. Use Pearltrees to keep
at hand the contents you find everyday on the web, to discover new
contents from people who share your interests, to drive them through
your own web… and contribute to the first human-powered organization
of the web.”

I like Pearltrees. It is fun to play with, gives a nice visual output,
is flexible, is social, engaging … But. Pealrtrees is not remotely
“the first human-powered organization of the web.” I don’t think Yahoo
was either, but Yahoo (“Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle”)
sure comes way closer to being first than Pearltrees.

So, back to what Pearltrees is and what it let’s you do. At its
simplest, Pealtrees has you saving “bookmarks” of web pages in visual
chains of conceptual relationships. You can save them, name them, and
share them with other people. You can search “trees” that other folks
have made also, on topics that interest you. YOu can add other
people’s trees as branches in yours, and collapse or expand the view.
So far so good.

Now, when I started using this what I noticed is that the arrangements
of your bubbles of web page links starts quickly to look like a mind
map. I could see using this as an introduction to mindmaps, or
assigning students to collaborate on a visual “webliography.” Each
could take a topic, and then the editor or team leader could daisy
chain them together into a meaningful structure. Just a thought. You
could also use Pearltrees to collect a highly selective basic set of
links on a topic, and then use the tree structure as a presentation
support, either interactively from a live webpage, or as talking
points, grabbing a screenshot for a slide. What might you do with


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