Cool Toys pics of the day: Text4Baby



Text4Baby is a partnership between government and industry to promote
healthy behaviors among new mothers-to-be, ideally reducing infant
mortality, by sending targeted customized text messages to the young
mother’s cell phone.

I am not the first person to say this seems pretty obvious, as in
“don’t we already have this?” obvious. I’ve been excited recently,
noticing more and more articles on use of SMS in healthcare and public
health, from medication and appointment reminders, to behavior mod
support, to dieting, to outreach and information, and probably more.
This Is Important, at least right now, while phones with texting are
still more common than either smartphones or computers. When you can
be pretty sure something has passed a “Trending Topics” stage to
something approaching a standard of practice is when you see
government adopting the technique for more than a single test case. So
check this out.

White House: New Mothers Get Digital Helper Right on Their Phones:…

White House: Seeking Game-Changing Solutions to Childhood Obesity:…

Don’t believe me this is trending? Take a look at this PubMed search.

(“sms”[All Fields] OR texting[All Fields] OR “text message”[All
Fields] OR “text messages”[All Fields] OR “text messaging”[All
Fields]) AND ((“telephone”[MeSH Terms] OR “telephone”[All Fields] OR
“phone”[All Fields]) OR phones[All Fields] OR cellphones[All Fields]
OR mobile[All Fields])

Normally, I would limit a search like this to a MeSH term that would
exclude genetics, but that won’t work here because such a large
percentage of the articles are in processing and don’t have any MeSH
terms yet! That means, they are brand new. This is a interesting time,
when the newest technology trends can become trending topics, reach
wide adoption, including adoption and endorsement by the government
(because they WORK) all before most of the articles are even cataloged
for easy discovery by those using traditional information discovery


2 thoughts on “Cool Toys pics of the day: Text4Baby

  1. Aneesh Chopra’s endorsement is a good sign-an indication that someone in a decision-making position understands media and understands that the wheels of progress have an inertia that is bigger than traditional media and endorsement avenues. It’s also nice to see that they are looking at addressing consumers beyond the iPhone and more expensive devices. Great post.

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