Cool Toys pics of the day: Castroller



Sometimes the cool toy isn’t anything new or fancy, but is just the
handy useful thing you needed right them. More and more of my favorite
radio shows are ending up as podcasts. Likewise with a number of the
niche talk shows I visit in Second Life or via BlogTalkRadio. There
have been a great variety of audio and podcast search engines for many
years now, but I noticed that lately when I am searching for audio
content, CastRoller is showing up fairly high in the results.

This makes sense to me because CastRoller is using that social media
approach that has worked so well for other currently popular sites
like YouTube, Slideshare and such. The difference with CastRoller is
that they are not actually hosting the media. This is more as if
YouTube didn’t let you upload the video but only create the playlists.
Still, anytime you get real people involved in the selection process,
and you have the ability to identify the Vannevar-ian trailblazers who
are collecting the content that interests you most greatly, this has
the potential to become a win-win. I don’t know if CastRoller is going
to be the one that shakes out on top in this market, but the early
signs are interesting, at least.


One thought on “Cool Toys pics of the day: Castroller

  1. Thank you for the kind words about CastRoller. We’re working on big things and hope to have the site continue to get more useful!

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