Cool Toys pics of the day: TEDMED Videos


TEDMED Videos:

Alright! You know you love TED. And you know everyone is interested in
health topics if for no other reason than that everyone knows someone
who has some sort of health issue and needs info about it. If you
didn’t think so, just look at the top topics across any newspaper
banner or web site with the Washington Post and USA Today as the only
two that don’t have health as a top level browsing category, with
sports and business as the only two topics that outstrip health as a
news category.

So this is going to be exciting, even tho it just started. Their first
video is David Blaine, a professional magician, talking about breaking
the world record for how long a person can hold their breath. There
are a lot more coming, including our very own Vic Strecher from the UM
School of Public Health. The list of speakers include surgeons (of
various flavors), physicians, social media geeks, reporters,
researchers, athletes, astronauts, actresses and more. They even have
the guy who talks about the scientific basis to an end for aging
(Aubrey de Grey). If you want to know important and fascinating trends
and tidbits about the future of medicine and healthcare, this is one
place to watch.

Just don’t watch too close. I wish that darned red button would quit
flickering at me. You would think a site that claims to talk about
medicine would be more sensitive to web accessibility and potential
epilepsy triggers. Or plain just annoying design. So annoying I moved
that part of the page off the edge of the screen and ran it through
WAVE to see what other accessibility errors they have.

You can avoid the flickering red button and 18 other accessibility
errors if you just go to the TEDMED channel on YouTube (which only
shows 10 accessibility errors in WAVE), subscribe, and visit there
every so often:


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