Cool Toys pics of the day: World’s Fair Use Day (WFUD)


World’s Fair Use Day (WFUD):

“World’s Fair Use Day (WFUD) is a free, all-day celebration of the
doctrine of fair use: the legal right that allows innovators and
creators to make particular uses of copyrighted materials. WFUD will
take place at the Newseum in Washington D.C. on Tuesday January 12,
2010, and will be organized by Public Knowledge (PK), a Washington
D.C.-based non-profit, consumer-advocacy group. PK works to ensure
that communications and intellectual property policies encourage
creativity, further free expression and discourse and provide
universal access to knowledge. As part of its campaign to return
balance to copyright law, PK hopes to use WFUD to educate the public
about the importance of fair use in an information society.”

I didn’t get to see much of this, but what I saw I *LOVED*. I wanted
to grab rooms full of faculty I work with and make them sit down and
watch it with me. They talked about real world examples, case studies,
concerns, best practices, illustrations of decisionmaking processes,
policies, and much more.

Luckily they archived the webcast, so I can try to squeeze in some
time to go watch more of it. Hoping they put the video from individual
presenters in YouTube!!


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