Cool Toys pics of the day: Unity 3D


Unity 3D:

A friend just sent me this when I asked for a cheaper alternative to
TorquePowered. What I wanted was a game engine that my teen could play
with. He is, well, pretty addicted to videogames. I thought if he
could start developing game (or manga or anime) version of his
schoolwork, maybe he could demonstrate comprehension in a way that
would mean something to him. I know, these ideas don’t always work,
but nothing to lose by trying.

I had heard about Atmosphir from Kevin Jarrett.

Let students design their own video games with Atmosphir!:

I hoped that would do the trick, but the games seemed, to my teen, a
little too much for kids. He wanted something more grown up and
sophisticated. I heard about Torque, but whoa! I am not going to
invest that kind of money (shall we say hundreds?) when I’m not sure
it will do what I hope, and it seems to require a fair amount of
training to get things going.

Voila, Unity! First off, it is FREE!!!, so you can’t beat the price.
Everything I’ve read about it says it is easier to use than Torque.
Even better, when I checked out the web page, a screenshot flashed by
that is a game my son has played and recognized. That made everyone
happier right away.

Then I saw this screen of using Unity for iPhone development! OK, now
I am getting stars in my eyes. There is increasing interest in serious
games in healthcare, and also in mobile apps. Put the two together,
and you hit a sweet spot. I might need to figure this out myself …


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