Cool Toys pics of the day: Analytics

Picture_546 Analytics:

Metrics make the world go ’round, the world go ’round, the world go ’round …

Alright, too much New Years brings on shades of Cabaret. Still,
metrics are one of the greatest challenges for many organizations and
enterprises in engaging with social media. There is a strong bias
among some social media enthusiasts to measure value anecdotally and
to avoid trying to develop or use statistics as ways to measure the
impact of what you are doing. Beign a moderate, I agree with both
sides. I know very well the power of a well told and persuasive story.
I also know that there are many pieces of evidence that can go into
making a story really credible, and that metrics can be part of that
credibility and evidence.

I’ve been collecting a number of social media metrics tools and
strategies, and have blogged about those elsewhere. What I like about Analytics is the way they put an awful lot of “story” into a
small space. I would like to have more information about where they
are getting their numbers, or at least compare their findings with
other tools that measure similar parameters. Still, I do like seeing
all that info packed into one nice neat tidy package. Good job!


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