Cool Toys pics of the day: CauseCast



Here we have a tool that supports individuals and real people working
to make change. From Pat Pedraja (who look to be around ten years old
and wants to raise awareness of the need for blood marrow donors) to
Jack Healey (who wants to have a holiday in honor of the Declaration
of Independence), Causecast gathers leaders with vision and purpose.

In their own words, Causecast “is a platform where media,
philanthropy, social networking, entertainment and education converge
to serve a greater purpose.” They have organization pages, leaders who
are individuals with a cause, and members who are less well known
perhaps, but equally driven to promote their cause. It facilitates
community development around causes, discovery of causes, tools and
space to help promote your causes. They have information organized by
themes: Animals, Arts, Community, Environment, Health, Human Rights,
and Youth.

A great example of a private individual using CauseCast is Tanner’s Dad.

Tanner’s Dad:

Tanner’s Dad’s cause is autism awareness. He tells a passionate tale
of a child with autism, his day to day life and needs. He uses videos
to support the story, shows what leaders he is following in the sites,
engages in conversation, collects pictures that support his message,
and in general, uses a variety of social media.


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