Cool Toys pics of the day: JustMeans


Just Means:

At first glance, seeing the 140 characters posting form, I thought
JustMeans was Yet Another Twitter ‘Clone’, just with an ethical slant.
Then I noticed it was all corporations. I puzzled a bit – was it a
tool for corporations, a social marketing buzz tool perhaps, or was it
a social networking tool, or was it something like CauseCast is for individuals, or
SocialActions is for
advocacy/activism organizations?

I poked around a bit more, finding this:

“Through the Good Work Framework on Justmeans, you can:
– Attract and ignite advocates for better business.
– Post your media to multiple social networks simultaneously.
– Track the results of all your online communications.”

Ah! All of the above. My favorite part of JustMeans is the Company
News button or Press Releases section. You wouldn’t expect it, but it
turns out that this is a collection of the press releases about good
work being done on various topics by the member companies who have a
presence or community housed in Just Means. This is a great place to
(a) browse for companies that have made a public commitment to doing
something to make the world a better place, and (b) find out what
they’ve been doing. You can also search to see if someone is working
in an area you care about. You can find companies you might not have
heard about elsewhere, like LiquidNet or you might
find a bigger name company doing positive work you were unaware of,
such as Campbell’s Soups making gluten free products for a Muslim
audience. Or you might find a company that really is trying to make
themselves look good but are working at it a bit too hard (no names,

JustMeans has a focus on these topics:
– Climate Change
– Corporate Social Responsibility
– Ethical Consumption
– Health
– Responsible Careers
– Social Enterprise
– Sustainable Development
– Sustainable Finance
– Sustainable Food

Take a peek – I found it intriguing.


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