Cool Toys pics of the day: AntiHIVirus


AntiHIVirus from Standard Chartered Bank:

OK, this isn’t technologically creative, but December has World AIDS
Day, World AIDS Week, and I missed finding this until after. I wanted
to get it in during December.

What makes it cool? The tech is really pretty simple – flash video
animations broken up into sections with a quiz and freebies. You could
have done the video in Second Life as a machinima pretty easily in
inexpensively. You could have made a poll for the quiz with one of
many free polling tools. What made this special was the wit, humor,
quality information and engagement opportunities. The concept, script,
clever graphics for the characters, and performances made this special
much more than the tech. Worth remembering when it comes down to brass
tacks. It doesn’t always take a lot of money or a teach of
sophisticated programmers to do something worth doing.


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