Cool Toys pics of the day: Bestiario: ReMap


Bestiario: ReMap:

ReMap is a visualization tool for browsing visualizations! I tell
people about how I am a tactile learner, but visual is definitely my
second preferred sensory mode. I am so easily sucked into “magpie”
mode, and this really did it. I was brave, stern with myself, and
disciplined. I will play with this more over the holiday. 🙂

In the meantime, Remap is a neat interface to neat content. Their
databank they are visualizing is Visual Complexity ( ). Visual Complexity has a massive
collection of data visualizations (mostly interactive) and
infographics (but mostly the former) from across a wide range of
subject domains. Beautiful, fascinating, engaging both intellectually
and as eye candy, it is an utterly seductive site. That was before

ReMap allows you to browse by tag or image. Paying attention to an
image thumbnail rearranges the rest of the page and displays content
about that particular visualization. At the same time the image itself
gets larger and shifts around. Pay attention to a tag and it’ll get a
swelled head. Click on an image and it pops open a new window with
that visualization. Doubleclick on a couple tags and the display will
focus only on projects that include both tags.

I could play with this for a LONG time. I would learn a lot, too.


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