Cool Toys pics of the day: hData & other health microformats



“What is hData?
hData is a specification for capturing, managing, and exchanging electronic health data.

What is the objective of hData?
Current electronic health data standards are overly complex, hard to implement, and difficult to manage. hData is a simple XML-based,
flexible framework that addresses these issues and lays the foundation for efficient health IT technologies.”

hData is from the MITRE Corporation, who have an organizational URL, which puzzles me a little. I might be a tad confused, but I thought I  remembered a MITRE group who used to charge enormous amounts of money to get your health website evaluated and branded as authoritative,  something that always bugged the dickens out of me. I’m not sure this is the same group, but am also confused because the MITRE org that is behind hData is primarily associated with government military and security contracts. They do have a health section:

They also have a disruptive technology section, which is interesting also.

Basically, this is one of a few projects working on microformats for facilitating sharing of health data, which has potential to be a  transformative and enabling technology for the public good. I’m glad to see that this project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license. If you are interested in this, also check out:

OMHE (Open Mobile Health Exchange): A Microsyntax for Devices, Machines, & Humans:


My thanks to Chris Hogg for bringing these to my attention.


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