Cool Toys pics of the day: TPS – Tweet Positioning System


TPS (Tweet Positioning System):

I know of several tools that mashup maps of some sort with Twitter.
What makes this one different? Well, it has direct applicability to
work I am doing. There are a couple different groups I belong to that
have regular meetings held via Twitter. The links above are for two
different but related meetings. HCSM is for the Health Care Social
Media meeting every Sunday evening at 9pm Eastern Time. That time
doesn’t work terribly well for the Europeans who are passionate about
the same topic, so they set up their own meeting, on Fridays at 1pm
CET (which converts to 7am here).

From some of my Twitter meetings, I am expected to report out in
various ways. Often I archive the transcript of the meeting instead of
taking notes, for which purpose I love What the Hashtag
( Once the meeting generated part of a report
for one of Obama’s teams. It was a bit of a struggle to come up with a
reasonable way to illustrate or visualize the range and diversity and
activity of the persons involved in that meeting. Here, TPS does all
three at once. I wish it had been around when I’d been working on the
other report! Useful visualization tool.


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