Cool Toys pics of the day: Global Map of the Social Web


Infographic #001 ā€“ Global Map of Social Web…

Mashable is highlighting this amazing data visualization / info
graphic from TrendStream ( who also do the
Global Web Index ( Alright, I admit
it, this is cheating. It isn’t really a cool toy itself, but it is
about cool toys. šŸ™‚ And I am such a sucker for visualizations
andinfographics, just love them.

This is a nice tight way to look at how different cultures are using
social media in different ways, and the relative importance, both to
local users and to the impact on the global social media community.
Two caveats on that.

First, China, because they’ve locked down so much internet access at
the border, does not have the impact on the global community that you
would expect from them having both the largest population of social
media users AND the largest percentage of that population! Second,
this is only looking at the social WEB, and does not include mobile
use of the same social tools, meaning this is not a comprehensive look
at the social media space.

Aside from those, here is a quick snapshot view.

Countries with the biggest social media presence internationally:
United States / China, meaning basically the USA has the largest
presence for now. If China gets smart and unlocks their borders, they
will likely dominate everyone else.

Countries for which the social media impact is pervasive throughout
their culture:
South Korea

Who’s missing? Well, Japan is using mostly mobile (the wave of the
future, folks, so pay attention!). That means they don’t show up as
web based users, but they are probably major players in the social
media space, just not in the way it is being measured here.

Now, of these big users, who is using what (since the various
countries are using social media in very different ways).

United States = social network (eg. Facebook) / pics (eg. Flickr)
China = pics / blogs
India = pics / social network
Brazil = social network / pics
Russia = pics / social network / video
South Korea = pics / blog
Mexico = pics

What about our linguistic neighbors, the other English speaking
countries? How do they compare to the USA’s behaviors with social
media? Well, basically Australia and the UK are very similar to the US
in percent of population engaged with social media and the preferred
types of tools. Canada is very similar, but with a higher percentage
of their population engaged.

Basic takeaway? Pictures are WAAAAYYYYY more important for marketing
to and engaging with other countries than I had ever imagined.


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